So I thought, to build this community it’s important for you to know what everything means. What’s the origin? 

To tell you about the logo seems like a perfect start. These are all my favorite colors. Not just colors, they mean what’s important for me as a human being. 

White’s the number one. It represents everything unaltered, every bit of energy in its purest. No mixing.

Black is what makes you stronger. It’s darkness teaches you acceptance and survival.

We all are a piece of art. And art’s fluid. So I decide to just flow with all the Blues of this journey called LIFE and the traveler called ME.

Yellow is to keep my heart a kid. It adds the pop in life. Just remember to keep it minimal !

Whatever we go through, we all need our share of Peace, Harmony and Growth to move on. If you look at the logo a bit closely,
Visuals In Transit is just doing it’s bit to add some more Peace in this universe.


Visuals in Transit has started as an ever growing archive of all the visuals
that I capture during my transits in this beautiful world.
Eventually, it will grow into a community where you can be a part of it.
You can call it your archive too.
Artists around the world will get a chance to collaborate and get featured on this platform.
Not just photographs but videos, music, paintings, artworks and any form of art will comprise the existence of VIT.