My name is Raul Juneja and I like to live my life with my subconscious as a major. Subconscious, because it follows the phenomenon of simplicity. It doesn’t complicate but simply brings out the most real and organic existence of a moment. I try to do the same with my art, keep it simple and not complicate the aesthetics of the moments that I encounter during my transitions. I try to feel the emotions as they are, raw. And sometimes, the existence allows me to transform that energy into a visual. Those are the moments I thrive for. 

I am a liberal traveler born in the Himalayas and lived in different parts of the world while adapting to cultures as if they are my own. I strongly believe in the energies of this universe and accept them with openness while trying to make this world a better place with more trees and a lot more kindness.

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Mostly you will find me in the forests talking to the trees or unknown streets conversing with my camera.
But if serious – I also shoot Portraits, Fashion, Lifestyle time to time and even some Concerts.
As a process of evolution, I keep challenging myself in new areas of photography. I keep on growing.

You got a product? Or your dream elopement? Or even yourself?
Let me turn it into a memory for you.

Best part, I am available worldwide !