Putting yourself to silence. It’s not a substandard thing to do. It’s your recovery mechanism. When there’s too much of noise around. When it carries too much of chaos in it. When it destroys your imagination. When it ruins your dreams. When it damages your conscience. But you can’t stop it because it’s not your babel.

Shut your mouth and put yourself to silence. Listen to your own self. That’s the most peaceful chime you’ll find at that moment. You will go beyond all the destruction which was coming for you. You will know how to build yourself back from ground zero. You will feel the real pleasure of listening to your inner reverb amidst all the bangarang. MUTE yourself, for a moment.

Sometimes shutting yourself will be tough. It will burn your own emotions. But maybe, burning those emotions is what you need for the moment.

You’re a human. You’ll develop those emotions again. And maybe the new ones would be free from all the liabilities of the old ones. Burn yourself to silence, to speak again.

It’s time to shut the movement down. Because even the friction of your own skin makes some sound. Mute that. Stop moving. But not all of a sudden. Slowly, feel comfortable in and with yourself.

Learn how to be blank. That’s the way you will know how content you are. You know in the end it’s about senses. How grown they are? Trust me, this way they’ll go to their extremes and will return with a lot of experiences. MUTE the movements.

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