Through those tyndalls of the universe,
Between the bright and the shadow,
Swinging in a silent self converse,
Slowly but comfortably, I let go,
Of this uncontrollable,
Dusk and You.

dusk and you

On my ways to that noiseless forest,
Between the shade and the little shine,
Dreaming of a long and perfect August,
Constantly feeling, I’m not so fine,
In my limbo, I try to forget,
Dusk and You.

Through every longing edge and wall,
Between the dark and that subtle glow,
Reading the design of this shiny fall,
Another poem, I watch it blow,
About this dwindling,
Dusk and You.

Into the streets of confusing silence,
Between the quiet shadow and gushy light,
Trying to find the simple balance,
I end up gibbering, to myself,
About this so involving,
Dusk and You.

Through the roads of faded corners,
Between the randomly lit existence,
Attempting to connect and reorder,
Although struggling, my own admittance,
In my ignorance, I call it a day,
On this moodboard of,
Dusk and You.

Across the beautifully nestled chaos around,
Between those orange and yellow wrinkles,
Trying to still be your home bound,
I understand, I’m just a figure,
A figure easily unfigured,
Of this creasy satin,
Dusk and You.

Through those milliseconds of orange life,
Between the unpatterned dark wanderings,
Running after the running out light,
Fearing a little more now,
About this left behind,
Dusk and You.

Just in the little remanants of radiance,
Between compassion and heartlessness,
Caressing myself with your absence,
Left with just windows and corners of justice,
I still keep looking for credence,
In the left overs of,
Dusk and You.

Through the leftovers of big yellow walls,
Between the dark and small cracks,
Hoping to find life in the downfall,
I grow my own flowers and buds,
Of this gently winding,
Dusk and You.

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